In Depth

Benefits and Misuse

The above section had details of the uses and when used wisely can be very beneficial. One may think that this is more a professional tool and what use can it be for common people. It is of great use to students who want to draw pictures and provide a good view of their imagination. It can be very much used when a project is submitted in school or colleges. Teachers can use this as a great tool to provide adetailed explanation of a subject and can also create videos and upload it in social media for common public to understand. Many social media postings also use Photoshop to create memes or something funny.

Anything can also have a destructive part, the only dark side of Photoshop is that some people tend to misuse it for wrong reasons. Some people with evil intentions tend to merge pictures in order to shame other people in what is called as morphing, where the face isofa person whereas the rest of the body is of someone else. This has been a bad trend.

There have also been serious allegations and in many cased proved as well that celebrity photographs have been edited with Photoshop and printed in leading magazines and fashion photographs. This according to experts has a negative impact on women and especially teenagers who set themselves highly unrealistic goals and there have been many celebrity fat shaming oflate.

However, these have nothing to do with the wonderful features that are offered in Adobe Photoshop and are more cases of people putting them to thewrong use.