In Depth

Buying and Learning

One can subscribe to Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud which is payable per month. The package includes numerous fonts and up to 2GB of cloud space and numerous tutorials free of cost from where one can learn. Before paying one can also download it and try for free for a week.

There have been various versions of Photoshop over the years since its inception in 1988, it is always better to stay with the latest version as many new features get added in each version and make the job much easier.

For learning, one need not worry much. There are numerous tutorials available on the internet where one can search and understand how to use them. Besides, there are also numerous free video tutorials that Abode themselves provide.

There are many simple tools in Photoshop like the pen tool for paths or creating anchor points, clone stamp tool for duplication, shape tools to create various shapes, editing tools for cut, copy and paste, eraser tool, slicing tool. There are also various tools for mobile integration and to create 3D graphics. These are simple to learn and use.

Thus when one can spend some time to learn they can learn well and master Photoshop easily and the best part is that one can also launch a career out of Adobe Photoshop if he or she masters the art.