In Depth

Where Is It Used

  1. Photoshop is not just to alter and improve images, it is mainly used in creating innovative banners, designs, and websites. One can combine multiple images, or crop a particular portion of an image and enhance to provide a thoroughly professional and innovative look. It can help in great marketing and can easily help in a product or message reaching the public. Thus it acts as a great marketing tool.
  1. Professional photographers use Photoshop to enhance an image, to improve clarity and brightness to improve color or to remove unwanted objects or people from a picture. There are many instances where one has to just click on the go as an event may not last forever. For example, a running race or events in a wedding are so dynamic that one maynot be able to capture perfect still images. This is where Photoshop helps in creating a better picture and a better album.
  1. Web designers use a lot of Photoshop to design and create logos for companies and patterns for websites, one can also create pictures, videos, text, styles, patterns and so on. The limit lies only in the imagination of the designer. Thus one can use it as a great marketing tool by making the website more attractive and gaining attention.
  1. Architects and builders can use Photoshop to create and visualize how the finished product is going to look like. This would help in the team of builders and engineers to understand the vision of the building and also can serve as a good tool for buyers to visualize the finished product.
  1. Animators use Photoshop to create multiple layers and introduce characters or even create animations from still images.
  1. Forensic is an important aspect of crime solving. Photoshop nowadays play a major role in helping to enhance pictures or video footages and help in getting clues from a crime scene.

The above items are the only tip of the iceberg and the list can get endless based on one’s imagination and application.